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According to a wire from the Latin American News Agency the outstanding academic stated: "Cuba's revolutionary and socialist experience has no right to fail, it has a responsibility and a historic commitment with Jose Marti".

Betto is among 30 especial guests to the meeting, taking place at the capital's Conference Center, sponsored by the United Nations and several Cuban institutions.

"We did not expect important technological advances from Cuba and tourism increases, or several medals in sports event, and we hope for much more in the battle for those values of which Jose Marti spoke", he stressed.

"Cuba and its revolution"- he noted- "have guaranteed the three elemental rights, indispensable for human being: food, health and education".

"About 52.4 million people suffer from malnutrition in Latin America, from the inhabitants of the world, two thirds live below the food poverty levels and a fourth more live in abject poverty", Betto stated.

The Second Conference for World Equilibrium is included among the international celebrations on the occasion of Cuban National Hero Jose Marti's 155th birthday anniversary (28-01-1853/19-05-1895).


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