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ALBA Defense Council including to Cuba
Chávez expressed to the Nicaraguan president, Daniel Ortega, who joined him during his Sunday program Aló, President (Hello, President) that "we should work, the countries of Nicaragua, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela and now Dominica, in order to create a strategy of joint defense and start to organize our armed forces, air forces, the Army, the Navy, the National Guard, the cooperation forces, intelligence forces, because the enemy is one, the empire."

Therefore, he ratified that "if they bother one of us, they will face all of us, because we will answer as one."

Similar to the proposal of the Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, of creating a South American Defense Council, Chávez talked to Ortega and expressed that "we can ask our ministers of defense and ministers of foreign affairs to start preparing the papers to create the ALBA Council, unite our military forces and to have the ALBA people united."

The leader of the Bolivarian revolution and promoter of the ALBA estimated that around 60 million Latin American inhabitants make part of this organization.

President Chávez also made reference to the meeting of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), which was summoned and canceled by the Colombian government in two opportunities and he expressed that he has "to explain the reasons to the others, due to simple respect, that Colombia canceled twice the Summit in 2007. So we did not hold the summit and I say to Evo, Lula, Rafael, Daniel and Cristina that if the Colombian president cannot do it, let's hold the summit ourselves."

However, he expressed his best wishes to the ministers of foreign affair of the member countries, who were called this Sunday to a meeting of UNASUR, without specifying the place of encounter.

Regarding to that, Chávez indicated "We are sure that Colombia follows the guidelines dictated by Washington."

Besides, he remarked, "We will not let that the Colombian oligarchy avoids the integration of our people. (...) We do not bother them if they do not bother us and that I want to let it clear."


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