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Cuban and Venezuelan scientists are working on a new project of seismic micro-zoning.
These two cities are located in the Venezuelan state of Miranda and they have experienced an industrial growth and also an increase of their population. That is why new tools to face and to prevent the consequences of this kind of natural disaster are needed.

O'Leary Gonzalez Matos, Director of the National Center of Seismic Research (CENAIS) in Santiago de Cuba, said that aspects such as seismic risk, induced phenomena and vulnerability will be assessed.

Experts of the Venezuelan Foundation for Seismic Research are using the results of a recent study carried out in Caracas and their technological potential to watch earthquakes and to issue early warnings.

Gonzalez Matos added that methods developed in Cuba are also used due to the tectonic similarity that exists between the two Venezuelan cities and the eastern region of the island.

He added that in 2008, the CENAIS will also promote cooperation with countries of Central and South America.

The specialist added that regional efforts also aim at creating tsunami alert systems in the Caribbean area.

(Cuba News Agency)

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