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More than 51 million doses of a Cuban vaccine against Meningitis have been applied in dozens of countries
More than 51 million doses of a Cuban vaccine against brain and spinal meningitis have been applied in dozens of countries since its discovery by Cuban doctors nearly 20 years ago.Dr. Concepcion Campa Huergo, director of the Carlos J. Finlay Pharmaceutical Institute, said the medicine called Va-Mengoc-BC is the only one of its type in the world used to counteract the effects of all forms of brain and spinal cord meningitis, a highly deadly disease that develops in the form of rashes.

Campa Huergo discussed the impact of the vaccine with close to 900 experts from several countries at a conference that ends Wenesday, January 23, and is celebrating the 122nd Anniversary of the Calixto Garcia University Hospital.

In 1991 in Cuba, the vaccine was included in the national program for the immunization of three and a half month old infants, with a second dose given at five and a half months. Thanks to this action, meningitis was eradicated in the country and has been kept under control since.

In addition, the doctor explained, the first human vaccine against leptospyrosis (Weil's Disease) was developed in Cuba with the collaboration of the Pedro Kouri Tropical Medicine Institute. Produced at a high quality in Cuba, the vaccine leads to an immune response that last longer than preceding vaccines obtained in other countries.

Scientists at other important biological research centers spoke at the event about the most recent biotechnological achievements in their respective facilities.


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