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Cuban artists continued the tour through penitentiary centres

With a show at the provincial penitentiary centre of Granma province, Cuban artists continued the tour they are making since last 13 of January through Cuban penitentiaries.

The Cuban Singer Silvio Rodríguez, the promoter of the tour, received a diploma that declares him a Distinguished Guest of Granma, given by the Provincial Assembly of the Popular Power.

Rodríguez repeated his confidence in the improving capacity of the humans, qualified the tour as necessary and thanked the welcome received to his initiative at the Cuban parliament as well as among invited intellectuals.

The public, that included inmates and their families, received with applauses the Silvio interpretations, among them "Cita con ángeles", "La gota de rocío" and "Pequeña serenata diurna".

Similar expressions received the singers Amaury Pérez and Vicente Feliú, the improviser Alexis Díaz Pimienta and the vocal group Sexto Sentido.

The 2003 National Literature Award winner, Reynaldo González, gave over 300 titles to the penal library.

On the other hand the painter Ernesto Rancaño gave to the penitentiary center a painting he finished together with young artists and inmates from Granma.

The day was over with the performances made by inmates who made a group of concert music, choir, and samples of the artistic movement that is promoted to the reeducation of those people.

The first version of the tour was in the spring of 1990 through jails in western Cuba and now is starting again with the title Expedición.


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