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The Cuban singer Amaury Pérez Vidal presented his latest novel
Singer Amaury Pérez presented novel in Guantánamo, El infinito rumor del agua (The infinite rumor of the water) in Guantánamo province. The novel will be promoted during the XVII International Book Fair.

The presentation of the text was in charge of the narrator from Guantánamo Ana Luz García Calzada and will be held, for the blessing of readers and story tellers, at the provincial seat of the Unión Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba (National Association of Writers and Artists of Cuba)(UNEAC, after its initials in Spanish).

According to the author, it is a story about friendship, love, purity, memories, loyalty, fidelity and family.

The novel combines facets of my personality, black humor, magic realism, customs, tragic comedy, lyric, irony, nonsense and fantasy, highlighted Pérez Vidal during the initial presentation of the volume at the University Book and Reading Fair held last November at the Cuban capital.

On that occasion, the minister of Culture, Abel Prieto, qualified that work, published by Union Publishing House, as a different novel.

Its author, in this original foray into the genre, does not spare such a dissimilar resources as the epistolary exchanges, the narrative and the use of a first person that achieves omniscience, credibility and beauty inside a refined and rich language in shades and words.

With a recognized and prolific work as a singer and composer, Amaury is one of the participants in the tour, promoted by his colleague Silvio Rodriguez, through penitentiary centers in Cuba.

The tour titled Expedición (Expedition) started last Sunday in Guantánamo and continues through the eastern provinces. The singer Vicente Feliú, the quartet Sexto Sentido and the improviser Alexis Díaz Pimienta are also taking part in the tour.


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