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A New Regional Toxicology Ward and an Experimental Surgery Lab Inaugurated in Villa Clara, Cuba
A new Regional Toxicology Ward and an Experimental Surgery Lab will allow offering a higher quality medical assistance to the people of the central provinces of Cuba

The Regional Toxicology Ward and the Experimental Surgery Lab, inaugurated in the Serafín Ruiz de Zárate Higher Institute of Medical Sciences, are two essential services for public attention.

The Toxicology Ward allows a faster and more effective treatment to intoxicated people "for food, medicines, drugs and chemical products poisoning, etc", indispensable to attain a favorable evolution of the patient.

After being told about the symptoms of the patient by phone, the toxicology specialist prescribe an initial treatment which will be later replaced by a definite one, taking into account the results of blood, urine and gastric juices tests.

The ward in Villa Clara has first line antidotes for the treatment of accidental or intentional poisoning, and follows the evolution of patients, said Dr. Leonardo Leiva, head of the Clinic Toxicology Department of the Medical Science Institute.

This is the third ward of this type in the country, preceded by the National Toxicology Center in Havana and one in Santiago de Cuba. The ward of Villa Clara will also offer services to the provinces of Sancti Spíritus and Cienfuegos.

The Experimental Surgery Lab is aimed at training students of the speciality of ophthalmology, using eyes of animals, especially pinks.

It will be also used for developing surgical skills in Medicine students, including cardiovascular surgery using lab animals.

According to Dr. José Luis Molina, head of the Lab, professionals of the hospitals of the provinces have the possibility of doing practices of organ transplants, mainly kidneys.

(Cuban Newspapers Online)

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