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Matanzas, venue of 2008 international event on ceramics
Arte del fuego (Art of fire) is the name of the event to be held in Matanzas in next March.

Summoned by the Fondo Cubano de Bienes Culturales (Cuban Fund of Cultural Assets), the Association of Writers and Artists in Matanzas, and the ACAA, ceramic artists from different parts of the world will meet in the so-called "Athens of Cuba" to create their works, to share with communities and to participate with the people of the city of rivers and bridges.

This event which intends to confront styles, cultures and echange experiences among the lovers of this art was anounced during the awarding ceremony of the 15th Salon of Artistic Handcraft, saluting the 49th anniversary of the triumph of the Cuban revolution.

One hundred and forty art pieces made by the most diverse techniques were presented in the Salon, held in the gallery of the ACAA Social House and in the Pedro Esquerré Gallery, belonging to the Provincial Council of Visual Arts, which also celebrates the two decades of the ACAA in Matanzas province.

Ordanys Navarro Domínguez, (24) the youngest of the creators of the Salon, won the First Prize by his work "Décima campesina", a carved wood depicting the cultural life of the peasantry in Cuba and its roots.

Every year the ACAA in Matanzas arranges several salons, opened for creators and members of the organization, being among them the so-called "Puro Arte" ("Pure Art"), dedicated to tobacco, greatly enjoyed by the audience plus the participation of numerous artists from all over Cuba.

One of the characterisitics of the artisans in Matanzas is their participatión in community works, social benefitting works as well as supporting other cultural and recreative institutions with their initiatives.


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