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Cuba Uses More Fuel Oil in Power Plants
Cuba will produce more than 1,000 megawatts in 2008 using fuel oil, Vice President Carlos Lage said.

As this process is taking place, the same amount will be replaced in inefficient power plants, Lage said during a visit to the construction site where fuel oil generators will be installed at Mariel's power plant, in the province of Havana.

According to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde, Lage, who is also the secretary of the Executive Committee of the Council of Ministers, pointed out that it was the biggest, most important and most complex work of the country's new power generation system using gas and fuel oil.

As part of Cuba's Energy Revolution, aimed at saving fuel, the second group of fuel oil generators was inaugurated on Saturday in the Havana municipality of Güira de Melena.

Basic Industry Minister Yadira Garcia Vera noted that the new facility would be safer, more efficient and environmentally friendly.


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