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There is no geographical fatalism in the Cuban cultural development
In every place of the Caribbean island natives and visitors will find a place where to see the best universal art.

It was in 1978 when the writer Alejo Carpentier donated a quarter of a million of USD he won with the "Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra" award to contribute to the cultural development of the Cuban people, a donation that was materialized two years later in 1980 with the opening of Universal Art Galleries in each one of the 14 provinces.

At the Güines Universal Art Gallery, a Havana municipality located 42 km from the capital city can be seen 50 reproductions of universal art that go from cave painting until the most important avant-garde painters of XX century.

Located in a big house of the 76 street of that town, the institution open its doors from Tuesday to Sundays for the children, young people and adults can satisfy their knowledge expectations about plastic arts and creation workshops where the future students of the art schools in the painting specialty can show their vocation.

Caridad González, a technician of the Provincial Gallery said that the building has five rooms, tow of them dedicated to transitory exhibitions, where provincial, national and foreign artists exhibit their work. These exhibitions, she adds, are visited by about 4000 people per year.

The permanent halls, she explains, allows the visitors tyo discover 50 works of important painters from western europe, among tem Hieronymus Bosch (El Bosco) Juan Sebastián, and Francisco de Goya.

According to its director Ibis Acosta Rivero, in the 27 years of existence of this cultural institution the paintings of the Cuban Raúl Martínez, Juan Moreira, Alicia Leal, Nelson Domínguez, Manuel Mendive, Ever Fonseca and Vicente Rodríguez Bonachea just to mention a few, have been in its halls.

Every month in January the Universal Art Provincial Gallery of Havana pays tribute to Arístides Fernández Vázquez, a painter from Guines who lived from 1904 until 1934 a short but rich and interesting life in the Cuban plastic arts and whose work is famous both in Cuba and abroad.

The population of Guines thanks the idea of our Chief Commandant Fidel Castro Ruz of using the donation given by the writer Alejo Carpentier to take the universal art to every province of Cuba.


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