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2007: Latin America and its music are opening its roads
The Latin American music lived a good 2007 taken by the hand of the Dominican merengue singer Juan Luis Guerra, who lead the market and left behind a regueton that seems to be in decline.

Even though its exponents are trying to keep it alive, this movement that reached its peak in mid 2000 has lost ground due to the reiteration and the saturation. A good part of the specialized critic qualified the regueton as a transitory fashion.

Another two important moments were the Latin Americn tours of Joaquín Sabina and Joan Manuel Serrat with a quality show titled Dos pájaros de un tiro, as well as the Chilean tour of the Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez.

The great number of attendance created a resurgence of the reflexive songs.

This 2007 had everything for everybody, with a strong growth of Mexican singers such as Vicente Fernández and Marco Antonio Solís.

The representatives of this nation were almost the whole year in the top of the charts of different countries of the region, as well as in the USA and Europe.

The rock group Mana with their record Amar es combater is still among the favourites, as well as the rock-pop group Camila and the duet Jesse and Joy.

There were some people who tried to sing in duets as a commercial hook to increase the popularity. That is the case of the Mexican Thalía with the Dominican Aventura who sang the song No, no, no; Paulina Rubio and Miguel Bosé, with Nena, and Shakira with the US Beyoncé Knowles Grammy nominated with the song Beautiful liar.

There were many records; among the luckiest ones was La vida... es un ratico of the Colombian Juanes.

The first single of the CD, Me enamora, beat a record and was in the number one of the charts of 17 countries of he region for almost four month.

Other successful records were Quién dijo ayer, of the Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona. In this record Arjona also sings with Marc Anthony and Eros Ramazzoti; MTV umplugged, of Ricky Martin; and Residente o Visitante of the Puerto Rican duet Calle 13.

Calle 13 won with songs about important social problems, such as the emigration, especially to the USA:

"And to reach early early to the shores ... through the desert with the feet on the grill ... under the land as the squirrel I will cross the wall ... Im an intruder with the identity of an inmate ... and therefore I become a diver ... and I dive under the land...".

If 2006 was the year of Shakira, this year the biggest success was of Juan Luis Guerra with the CD La llave de mi corazón. In less than a month were sold 10 thousand copies of the record that consolidated him as one of the most important singers of the Latin American music.

The CD, qualified as the most romantic one since Bachata rosa, won six 2007 Grammy Latino awards, among them the best record, song, CD, meringue CD and engineering.

Guerra also won the award of the personality of the year by his artistic trajectory, given by the Latin Academy of Arts and Record Sciences.

The Dominican singer arrives the 2008 with another nomination to the US Grammy. He has gold and platinum records in Argentina, Spain, USA and Puerto Rico.

One of the most emotional moments of the last three month was the reunion of the Argentinean rock players Soda Stéreo, who after 10 years absence, returned to the stages in nine countries with shows attended by over a million people.

It was also important the Oscar won by the Argentinean Gustavo Santaolalla - the second in his career - for the music of the film Babel, made by the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu.

In 2007 Latin America kept opening a space in the world market, dominated by the great record companies, with music of great rhythmic and quality richness.


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