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 PetroCasas: Housing of the Future
Not gothic palaces or Hindu temples, PetroCasas, a simple, economic and modern technology in constructing homes, bursting into the first decade of the Third Millennium in Latin America.

The plastic structure of these houses is produced from a derivative obtained from oil refining, known as PVC.

These flexible modules are capable of offering different combinations forms and different designs and breaking with the monolithic concepts of some urban projects.

PetroCasaOn a concrete base, the PVC panels fit in together with each other and are filled with concrete or cement in a way that preserves the installations for water, light and telephone.

There are reports of the existence of these constructions in Germany and Canada, while Venezuela began with a pilot test in the Nuestra Señora de Coromoto Community, in the state of Carabobo and is extending it to other sites in the country to the benefit of low income families.

To achieve this objective the PetroCasas Company was started to produce some 100,000 residences a year.

Among some of the advantages of the project is its durability, estimated at some 100 years and its cost 50 percent less than conventional homes, has thermal insulation and requires minimum maintenance, just soap and water.

In addition, the PVC is characterized by its resistance, light weight and does not easily burn.

Another of its benefits lies in the thermal insulation that guarantees cooler temperatures for the tropics.

With this technique the construction is quick, for example a house can be put up in less than 10 days. In addition to the speed of the construction, one of the advantages is its cost, at less than 50 percent of a conventional home of the same size.

The technology allows the solution of complex problems in diverse climatic conditions and different geographies: jungle, coastal, mountain or desert.

Its investment generates wide sources of employment and beautifies the environment with current models where family buildings can also be constructed.

The type of house that has begun to be built in Venezuela measures 70 square meters has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, living and dining room, kitchen and service area, with re-enforced roofs and conventional tiling.

A similar model was supplied in the first plastic community built in Cuba, named Simon Bolivar and located close to the city of Cienfuegos, very close to the oil refinery which will be re-activated with Cuban Venezuelan capital.

(Cuban News Agency)

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