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Infant mortality rate keeps to 4.2 in Camagüey!
Camagüey, Dec 29. Three days before ending 2007, it is kept an infant mortality rate of 4.2 deaths for every thousand live births, which rate is only recorded in developed countries, and it is even lower than the USAs.

According to physician Gustavo Ferrer Rangel, head of the Department of Mother-Child Program belonging to the health entity of the province, this result is supported by 280 births more if it is compared to the result achieved during the same stage in 2006.

This way such record keeps steady in the province, favored by the incorporation between primary health services and other kind, and, of course, the support offered by the community and by many different sectors.

This program has more than 350 pediatrics, obstetrics, and neonatology specialists, besides a qualified paramedical staff and 182 beds that have been situated in maternal houses in order to pay attention to pregnant women at risk.

Doctor Ferrer pointed out that besides working with high technology equipments and paying an excellent medical attention, it is necessary that society contributes especially with maternal houses, which main purposes are: that women practices nursing without trouble, to avoid accidents before having the baby, and their participation in family planning schedules.

This way, it can be determined when it is the right moment in which a couple can have their baby, because maybe they both go to see the doctor and it is found that she is anemic what is fatal for giving birth, this is how it can be attained a low infant mortality rate.


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