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A tribute to be paid to the Cuban musician Benny Moré in Yucatán
The happiness, feeling and Caribbean taste of Benny Moré will live again in the region of Yucatán when the Benny Moré Jazz Band and the Cuban Television Ballet pay their tribute to this great man of Cuban music.

The leader of this band, Jesús Camejo, said that the tribute is for the most important Cuban singer of all times and it will be a walk "from the most lyrical things to the most popular aspects of the music of the man who was known as the El bárbaro del Ritmo (The great man of the rhythm)".

Under the title Elige tú (You choose) one of the most important compositions of the famous Cuban musician, people will be able to listen to melodies that becamo famous in Mexico such as Mucha fe (Much faith), La culebra (The snake) and Parece que vi llover (It seems I saw raining).

There are also El bobo de la yuca (The fool from the yucca plant) which became a success in Mexico or also La cholanguengue, Candelina Alé, Rabo y oreja (Tail and ear), that were very successful in Cuba. Camejo commented that Benny Moré had an innate musical sense; he was gifted with a fluid tenor voice that colored and phrased with much expression. He was a master in every genre of Cuban music, but he was especially interested in the son montuno, mambo and bolero.

"Benny Moré filled the heart of our people. He left his roots there and he became an eternal cultural heritage and a symbol of Cuban national culture," he added. The deputy director of the Instituto de Cultura de Yucatán (Yucatán Culture Institute) (ICY in Spanish), José Avilés Marín, highlighted that "this tribute starts the development of several cultural projects and links with Cuba, which is seen as a big brother for Yucatán."

He added: "We recognize in the Cuban people, a great human and artistic feeling, which is sustained in a great development of education; they are a people with whom we share one same history and many roots."


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