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Pinar del Río outstands in minimum access surgery
"Abel Santamaría" Hospital of Pinar del Río outstands in the minimum access surgeries to more than two thousand patients with acute appendicitis.

According to Doctor Raul Castro Perez, this kind of surgery is available 24 hours at the hopital, since it is a less risky method which reduces the stay at the hospital, the costs, the pain and favors better esthetic results.

Elective surgery was formerly applied to acute appendicitis and since 1996 Pinar del Río uses the minimum access method in emergencies, noted Castro Perez who heads the staff of experts at that institution.

In addition, Doctor Castro informed that there are some other emergencies assisted through this technique at the hospital such as: ruptured ectopic pregnancies, hemorrhagic follicles, perforated ulcers, intestinal oclussions, and treatment to patients with abdominal and toraxic traumas.

This experience first applied by three specialists headed by Castro Perez, has widen and now the service counts on 27 general surgeons.

Pinar del Río was one of the first provinces of the country, after Havana City, to start the elective surgery of minimum access in patients with abdomen and torax conditions.

Castro Perez has also taken his knowledge to other peoples of Asia and the Middle East, and keeps related to medical assistance and teaching to residents of the specialty.

According to Doctor Alejandro García Gutiérrez, head of the national group of surgery,Cuba shows a considerable advance in minimum access surgery compared to developing nations and now it is extended all over the country.


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