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With the reopening and widening of COMERIO enterprise located at the outskirts of Pinar del Río, a range of fish by-products will be available for the people in every specialized center for this sector.

Fish croquettes, picadillo, among other products are some of the offers of this entity whose inaguration was presided by Olga Lidia Tapia Iglesias, first secretary of the Party in the province, who extolled the productive process and the united work so that in two months without financing, but plenty of will, they achieved the activation of this so demanded production. "We have all kinds of limitations, but the only thing we cannot be lack of is willpower, love, and desire to contribute to peoples feeding".

Fish destined to this kind of production was formerly sent to the capital, for Pinar had none technologic conditions to process the food, but now with renovated equipments, and the support of building workers, the fish of the province is exclusively to export.

According to the also member of the Central Committee of the Party, Tapia Iglesias, this year has been quite fruitful for aquiculture in Pinar del Río, and the new products will ratify that fact, so the most important thing from now on would be to stabilize the production in a phase that needs full efficiency, control, sustainable increase of the quality and the supplying.

Javier Suárez Martínez, manager of PESCARIO, Fishery Enterprise of Pinar del Río, and Rolando Prieto Barrera, manager of COMERIO unit, highlighted that the current results show a satisfactory accomplishment in the production of 140 percent of this year plan.

To renovate this industry an investment of 260 000 pesos in the two currencies was required, supported by the endurance of a collective of workers defined by their stability.

The production of 290 tons of croquettes and 60 of picadillo are planned for the coming year, available for the people in specialized fish shops all along the western territory.


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