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Peoples interests on debate
Vidal Pérez Baños, president of the Provincial Assembly of Peoples Power summoned Pinar del Río to finish as soon as possible the around 18 000 houses damaged by the hurricanes that have affected the western part of the country in the last years.

To accomplish the plan of 2007 and the perspectives of constructions for 2008 were the main topics on debate at the last session of the ninth term of the Provincial Assembly of Peoples Power, although the progress of the Energy Revolution was analyzed as well.

According to Pablo Veliz, head of Housing in the province, still remain 17 692 houses to be finished out of the 85 000 that were affected by the hurricanes.

Minas de Matahambre, Viñales and Los Palacios are the most advanced municipalities in the accomplishment of the construction tasks. While Pinar del Río, San Juan y Martínez and San Luis are at the opposite side.

With reference to the progress of the Energy Revolution, engineer Ramón Miguel Pedrera, head of the energy sector in the territory, informed that the province has only 90 low voltage areas, out of 800 we had at the beginning of the rehabilitation work of the National Electric System.

The need to save energy was highlighted at the meeting, because although power generators have been installed and high consuming appliances has been replaced by low consuming ones, the country still spends a lot of money purchasing the necessary oil to generate power.

The Assembly recognized the improvement in the repair of household appliances thanks to the existence of the necessary parts and the good training of the technicians who give that service at the renovated workshops.

The Assembly approved the promotion of some leaders and 12 new judges of the Peoples Court.


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