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Fidel Castro Stresses Climate Change Accords
Cuban President Fidel Castro has highlighted the importance of the international accords, adopted during the 13th UN Conference on Climate Change held in Bali, Indonesia, and the need to take them very seriously.

On the customary Cuban roundtable TV program Monday, the Cuban Revolution's leader disclosed in a letter his criteria on the position taken by the US and other industrialized nations in the event.

The statesman emphasized that several heads of Third World governments fighting for their development met in that small Indonesian island to demand of the industrialized nations' delegates: equal treatment, financial resources and transference of technologies.

The island's leader recalled how the UN secretary general, faced with the determined US obstruction within the 190 delegates met there, and after 12 days of negotiations, declared that the human species could disappear as a result of climate change.

"That declaration turned the conference into a madhouse," the president said in his letter.

Fidel Castro noted that after 12 days of vain persuasive efforts, US representative Paula Drobransky, sighing deeply, declared: "We join the agreement."

"It is obvious," the Cuban president said, "that the United States maneuvered to get around its isolation, although it absolutely did not change the empire's sinister intentions."


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