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Pinar to gain ground in Urban Agriculture
Around 20 units of Urban Agriculture will be destined to semi-protected agricultural areas in the province, aimed at supplying the state markets with vegetables along the coming year.

All of these gardens will count on half and hectare for growings and most of them are through a construction phase.

Now tropical countries benefit from new techniques since the dark cloth that covers the roofs of the gardens absorbs 30 percent of sun radiation. So as the sides are uncovered the breeze comes in and out refreshing the temperature, therefore chemical supplies are not required.

Tens of hectares of vegetables are grown by this new method nationwide, and repellent plants such as the Jamaica flower are applied to protect the growings.

This system is cheaper and more viable than that of protected growings, and to broaden the project turned out to be one of the principal accords of the National Urban Agriculture organization for the next three years.

Also, this new method guarantees ecological conditions in every territory to produce vegetables and fresh fruits, since they are grown by biological means.

So far this year the country has produced almost 2 million tons of organic food as a result of the harvest in organic gardens and using the new technique of semi-protected growing.

Pinar del Rio was recognized by the National Group of Urban Agriculture thanks to the excellent results achieved in this sector, and received a successful evaluation together with four other provinces.


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