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Pharmaceutical Industry of Cuba Increases Productions
The pharmaceutical industry of Cuba is developing millionaire investments to improve the production of medications and to reach the basic required standards in the programs of Health.

The website of the Cuban News Agency published Friday that Engineer Ramón Arango, director of Quality and Development in the Cuban Pharmaceutical Industry (QUIMEFA), stated in the third International Congress of Pharmacology and Therapy that seven top technology plants are being built with that objective.

"These new facilities will increase the production of factors of clotting, oral suspensions, ecological aerosols, sanitary pads, diapers for children and adults, eyewashes, pills, and other lines", Arango said.

Also among the main tasks are included the modification of 10 lines dedicated to the elaboration of solutions for hemodialisis, chemical reagents that are used in diagnoses and other medical products.

The investment also includes the improvement in the infrastructure of warehouses, transport for the distribution, refrigerated services and the installation of systems GPS to give quick answers to the emergencies, while a system of computer management is applied to know on line the existence of drugs in all the warehouses and to serve them immediately to the health centers.

With respect to the technological innovation, Arango detailed that between the years 2006 and 2010 they will introduce 123 new medications as minimum, with the contribution of QUIMEFA and of the scientific centers. He highlighted the development given by the Operation Miracle to the production of 18 types of eyewashes.

The substitution of imports is one of the main objective in this second stage of the national program for the development in the industry, because the first one, facilitated to guarantee the 829 drugs that conform the basic medications in Cuba with affordable prices for the population.


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