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 Expectations upon the best children mortality rate of all times at  Camagüey.
Recently children mortality rate has been steady at the province, while better results have been attained during 2006.

Until December 11th 2007 it was achieved the lowest rate of all times, 3.9 deaths every 1000 births, what points out how much we have attained regarding the Program on Mother-Child Attention (PAMI).

The most important thing to take into consideration while analyzing the rate is that four less children did not die in comparison to the previous year, 4.3, the lowest so far, and the second best of the country that kept itself under domestic average rate.

Najasa, a municipality of the province, does not report children deaths under one, so they keep on attaining similar rates, the rest: Camagüey, 2.1; Minas, 2.6; Vertientes, 3.7; Céspedes, 3.9. Rates above the provincial average: Guáimaro, 4.1; Jimaguayú, 4.2; Florida, 4.4; Sierra de Cubitas, 5.6; Sibanicú, 6.5; Esmeralda, 7; Nuevitas, 7.1; Santa Cruz del Sur, 9.1.

Camagüey shows good results in ten of 11 indicators rigorously measured in order to check PAMI at all levels, so death rate raised between 5 and 14 year-old children.

Before 2006, the lowest rate was recorded in 1996, 5.5. At PAMIs provincial meeting, headed by the supreme directive of Cuban Communist Party (PCC) at that level, it was pointed out how directives and specialists of the branch at every municipality and region know details concerning pregnant women to give birth before 2008, and newly born at risk, which only purpose is to operate at the right moment to avoid fatal situations.

Although the situation at the province keeps being positive, it does not mean that everything has been done already. Measures have been taken to favor a monitoring program on women while pregnant, and to make fall the rate of low weigh children and abnormal births while all community effort is needed.


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