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Art to listen, to see, to smell and to feel
If we talk about first strokes perhaps the first thing that comes to our minds is a child, or a young man about to become a painter, but if we put ourselves into the work of artist, it requires some analysis.

To understand the works of Peter Nadin, on exhibition since November 15 at the Art Museum of Pinar del Rio, we need to go to the roots of this man born in Liverpool, England, but who has devoted most of his life to be close related to nature and the land, key elements he has reflected on his pieces.

His environmental concerns take part in this kind of art, which makes us think about the origin of the world, and the need to be more cautious along our lifetime.

Thus, The first mark shows us new perspectives using elements that become symbols of imagination.

There is nothing concrete in this work but the eagerness to make people think about the surrounding environment.

At the time to enter the gallery creativeness attracts the spectator, and the natural substances show a piece of that world in which Peter copes with life in a farm of New York.

The five senses get to know new sensations, thats why we can enjoy of paintings filled with tactile, smell, hearing, taste and visual experiences.

That property, inhabited by animals surprises the spectator with an unexpected vision that gets within the skin and takes the mind to discover an unusual state between the material and the mythical.

Why in Cuba?

Peter Nadin spent 12 years without showing his paintings. So he explained that The first mark is the result of more than 16 years of work, which has been inspired by the close contact he have kept with nature.

Plus, he confessed, "to exhibit my works in Cuba is the only opportunity for which I have been so eager in many years.

"The first mark" is a project organized by the Wifredo Lam Contemporary Art Center. The exhibition is currently up at Museo de Arte de Pinar del Rio (MAPRI).

To enjoy this exhibition of an artist who goes back to his origin, to his ancestors and the substance of life, is why not, a privilege.


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