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Rare Storm Passes South of Cuba

While the hurricane season officially runs from June 1 to November 30 its not impossible for out of season storms to form. Tropical Storm Olga just became an exception to the rule.

The storm, now degraded to a tropical depression, is moving south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica through the western Caribbean. Its rains reportedly caused several deaths in the Dominican Republic. The Jamaican Meteorological Service is expecting increased rainfall in Jamaica on Thursday.

The Cuban Meteorological Service predicts that Cubas central and eastern provinces will receive some rain today.

Olga brings to memory another out of season storm, Lili, back in 1984, which formed in the last third of December in the North Atlantic, and after moving several days in a southwesterly direction dissipated near the north coast of the Dominican Republic as the year came to an end.

Another one, also called Olga, but in 2001, formed on November 24 in the Atlantic and lasted until December 12 reaching a hurricane 1 category on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Source: By Orfilio Pelaez, Granma

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