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Argentine filmmaker Tristán Bauer presented the first ten minutes of a future full-length documentary on Ernesto Guevara at the 29th New Latin American Film Festival taking place in Havana.

«We have been working on this project for 12 years. It fills us full of pride and joy to be able to contribute from a cinematic perspective to the memory of an extraordinary human being,» said the director of Iluminados por el fuego, winner of the festivals 2005 Coral Award.

Filmed in several countries, including Argentina and Cuba, with a script by Bauer and Carolina Scaglione, Ernesto Guevara is slated for completion within three or four months. The film features previously unreleased documents, including reports from the Bolivian Army and recordings Che Guevara made reciting poems including from César Vallejos Los heraldos negros, before he left his wife, Aleida March, to go to Bolivia.

Bauer said that the idea behind the documentary is to focus on certain elements from a more intimate and suggestive perspective using documents, recordings, literary texts and images, and at times contrasting moments in the life of Che with modern times. «We dive into his clear, precise, coherent thinking from a current perspective to offer a new look at Che, to leave a convincing testimony for present and future generations,» said Bauer.

(Juventud Rebelde)

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