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The Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez was surprised a short while before he gave a massive free concert in Talca, a 260km from Santiago, when he was invited to open a cultural center that carries his name.

Even though it had been declared a "Distinguished visit" by the mayors office of the city, he never imagined that a group of teachers of the Brilla El Sol School had created the Silvio Rodríguez Cultural Center.

After he knew of the idea by the local newspaper El Amaule, the singer stated to the same newspaper that the initiative had taken his attention.

"In Cuba we are not used to give names of living people", explained Silvio when he arrived to the place, accompanied by the Cuban ambassador Giraldo Mazola, the mayor Patricio Herrera and the principal of the school, Juan Carlos Hernández.

Still surprised the singer declared: "to have something that carries your own name is like having a relative. Children carry our names in you have to take care of your children".

People, he added, dont have children to leave them abandoned in the world. Therefore, I will have to take care and know how the school is doing.

After signing the registers of the new cultural institution, he indicated that from now on the Brilla el Sol School and Silvio are going to be in constant contact to get inform of its advances.

At the same time he assured his wish is creating a future cooperation compromise between the "Ojala" studios he direct in Cuba and the new Cultural Center.

"When we founded the studio, we didnt know that one day the luck, chances or causes were going to determine that we were going to have such a long range (...), we never though that we were going to arrive to Chile, to such a close place as Talca", he pointed out.

Later on, a few blocks from there, Silvio offered a massive free concert, that lasted over two hours and that authorities qualified as "historic".


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