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Collections of hand-woven in fibers belonging to three families from Las Tunas province, to the east of Cuba, participate in the 11th International Craft Fair, FIART 2007, underway in Havana until December 16th.

The productions of the families López Proenza, Martínez Plaza and Reyes Hernández were validated by the reception committee to participate in the main exhibition places of Cuba, in the handmade environment that has as headquarters Pabexpo, in the Cuban capital.

The makers of these collections received the Seal to the Handmade Master that will be given in this edition of FIART.

The provincial branch of the Fund of Cultural Goods of Las Tunas that guides the activity, will also present in Havana a textile sample of the local designers Olga Lidia and Lourdes Alejandra Salgado to participate in a parade of fashions, concerning the competition.

Las Tunas have tradition of handmade creation, backed up since 18 year ago by the Fund of Cultural Goods, that counts on some 300 artists and artisans, who have among their priorities to satisfy and to elevate the aesthetic likes of the inhabitants of this region, as they incorporate their creations to the daily life.

As for their participation in FIART, this province has guaranteed for years its presence and its recognition with two prizes, one to the basketwork to the family Martínez Plaza, in the 2003, and another in the same year by the UNESCO to the family López Proenza for its work with the malangueta.

FIART allows to promote works in those that are present the handmade techniques and abilities as expression of the identity and diversity of the people and the contemporary design, applied to the handmade work, integrative bond of tradition and modernity.


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