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The famous Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez remembered in a concert in Talca, a city, 260 km south of Santiago, the fight of the five cuban antirerrorists who are imprisoned in the USA.

Silvio, sang together by 20 thousand people - Dulce Abismo-, dedicated to the patriots with love, -since they love it very much.

Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, Fernando González y René González were condemned to prison sentences from 15 years up to double life sentence for defending Cuba from terrorists plans of groups based in the US city of Miami.

The author of El Necio, Quien Fuera, Ojalá and Cita con Angeles sang for more than two hours 24 songs in front of a younf audience who packed the La Costanera square.

Rodríguez, to whom his followers and members of the Trovarroco group that is accompanying him, offered a typical Cuban song for his 61 birth date - 29 of August-, expressed : - Talca, finally along! I'm happy singing together with the people who wants to listen to me-.

On the other hand, the major of Talca , in the region of Maule, Patricio Herrera, said to Prensa Latina that - the presence of Silvio with his music in this place is historic and shows that the people of Talca love Cuba- .

He also indicated that resides declaring the Cuban singer as a Distinguished Visitor of the city, they opened the Silvio Rodriguez Cultural Centre, which will promote music and general art in poor areas.

In this solidarity party, in which we listened Cuban Folk. Music and also remembered Che, the people from Chile thanks Silvio again, whose songs were an encouragement in the fight against the military regime, stated the activist Soraya Marin.

To Teresa Benitez, who assured that she keeps as a souvenir a friendly setter sent some years ago by Silvio, listen to the Cuban singer is like living a sweet dream, - settled in our fight realities and the way still to walk.


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