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The Supreme Court of the United States Wednesday is analyzing the legitimacy of the detention of hundreds of persons in Guantanamo naval base in Cuba, illegally occupied by Washington.

his is the third time that the US Supreme Court reviews how much President George W. Bush can insert his power in the so-called war prisoners.

The judges will review the so-called ó Boumediene case againt Bush.

Thirty-six prisoners presented a suit to the Supreme Court for declaring unconstitutional a 2006 Congress Law which regulates the status of detainees in Guantanamo base and the custody and trial modalities.

The prisoners demand power to appeal to an independent judge their indefinite detention, something that has been denied by the US authorities.

A court ruled that the habeas corpus is not applied to those persons because they are foreign detainees out of the US, which is rejected by lawyers, who uphold that Guantanamo base follows the US law.


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