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A new ophthalmological center was inaugurated yesterday at Holguin Clinic Surgical Hospital to commemorate the Day of the Latin American Medicine. That day honors the ourstanding research carried out by Cuban Dr Carlos Juan Finlay on a vacine and treatment against the yellow fever.

The new center will offer services of emergency treatment, clinical assessment, and surgery. So far, services were only available at Lenin General Hospital not meeting the demand of the province and nearby territories. The facility will have over a hundred workers, all of them trained to start the revolutionary service.

The institution, that costed several millions, includes front-line technology for the assessment and treatment of several conditions, such as cataract and glaucoma; using high-tech laser surgery and other techniques.

This center marks a turning point in the ophtalmologist services in the area for the benefit of Holguin inhabitants and those living in several other areas in the eastern region. Finlay would be proud.


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