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After making their presentations in the stateof Barinas and Lara, Teatro de la Luna was presented in Guanare, the capital of Portuguesa, the main venue of the Theatre Festival of the West, with their famous play Delirio Habanero, by Alberto Pedro and under the direction of Raúl Martín.
An attentive public, that has grown in number and quality in the twenty five editions of the event, gave a great reception.

Teatro de la Luna is one of the main groups of the Cuban stage panorama.
Their shows are characterized by an excellent actors work, a musical conception in which the staging actively takes part, a direction careful in every code of the stage and an intense dialogue with the countrys society. In order to achieve such a quality they have used, above everything else the national drama and among it the work of Virgilio Piñera.

Delirio habanero was premiered in 1994 by Teatro Mío group. Alberto Pedro Torriente the author of Manteca, who disappeared very soon, was, together with his partner and artistic director Miriam Lezcano, a main stone of that group and presented then this transgressor piece, where the theatre space becomes a new utopia of the building of a new nation.
Raúl Martín assumed the direction about two years ago and returned it to the stages after a decade of absence. This presentation is important, besides what is stated previously, for the deep understanding of the world and the poetic of the text, as well as for the ways used to intensify the dramatic material. In a first place the exquisite work of the actors, both the original Laura de la Uz, Mario Guerra (who could not travel, due to other working compromises) and Amarilys Núñez (Varilla), who did traveled for the enjoyment of the spectators here, and two new acquisitions of the Teatro de la Luna, the young Yordanka Ariosa (La Reina) and Jorge Liván Albelo (El Bárbaro), who showed their talent and meticulosness in the assumption of their respective roles.

The Theatre Festival of the West was again an excellent meeting point between todays national production and the Latin American works. Besides the Cuban group it is worth mentioning the performances of Ensamblaje Teatro, from Colombia; The Pambazos Bros, from Brasil and Teatro La Cueva, from Bolivia. Por la primera, Río Teatro Caribe, La Bacante, Rajatabla, Dramo and the Regional Theatre Company of Portuguesa soul and spine of this event, which spaces were renamed Centro Teatral de Occidente "Herman Lejter" and their two halls as "Alberto Ravara" and "Federico Collado".

At the start of the event there was the first Meeting of Women Drama, carried out the traditional Foro Crítico, where this editor of our Tablas-Alarcos Publishing House took part and was closed with a brilliant conference of the Argentinean critic and essay writer Jorge Dubatti. Dubatti spoke about the place of the theater and its public in todays world, some of which coordinates is trying and achieving endorse, the Theatre Festival of the West.


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