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Cuban antioxidant supplement Vimang is being used in clinical trials on diseases such as asthma, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and dermatitis and the elderly, to improve their quality of life reduce their consumption of medications.

In statements to acn news agency, a specialist at the Center of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (CQF), Carmen Valenti, said Vimang, which is a natural substance obtained from the bark of mango trees, is also in the preclinical stage in fighting other ailments including Alzheimer and Ataxia.

Valenti, who is participating at the 6th Continental Congress on
Natural Medicine underway in Havana's Convention Center, stressed the significant improvements of asthma patients after the use of Vimang.

She also referred to the anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and immune-modulating properties of the medication which is produced in
cream, in syrup and in pills.

The CQF, with 18 years of experience, promotes the postgraduate
training of healthcare specialists and produces several medications,
but Vimang, which is a registered trade mark, is the most popular one
among the Cuban people, said the commercial director of that scientific research center, Miguel de la Hoz.

Vimang boosts the anti-oxidant functions of the human body in healthy people under environmental or nutritional risks, and in individuals under physical or psychological stress due to chronic or transmissible diseases.

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