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From December 5th to March 5th, 2008, the San Antonio de los Baños Museum of Good Humour will be the venue of the 19th "Juan David" Salon of Personal Caricature.

Personal caricature is the most skillful and delicate within the genres of graphic humour. Important Cuban and world caricaturists do not cultivate it, perhaps they prefer not to risk. The fact is that since 1989 the Museum of Humourism fosters the creation on so difficult art, and with that aim the "Juan David" Salon is held every year. It constitutes a worthy way of keeping the Cuban maestro of personal caricature among his people.

So this contest becomes a need, a compromise, a happiness. And wtih this spirit we receive its 19th edition, that so nicely has surprised us with 61 works by 32 authors, 10 of them young (under 30) to the joy of those foretelling a good future to humourism.

The quality of this showcase is higher than those from previous editions. Just a glance is enough to prove it. For a while the gallery becomes alive. Faces from yestertimes, from today, from any time, salute their visitors. Are the caricatures of the characters here? Illusion or reality? These will be the questions for its visitors to laugh either silently or outbursting.

The artists had been able to get to our hearts with their proposals proving creativity and fine work, it is to say, talent. They intend to be worthy followers of Juan David, who, as the excellent caricaturist and National Award on Visual Arts, Renè de la Nuez stated: "He was beyond gracefully distort a face: it is the usual, the ordinary way of doing it. David discovered making use of the sharp psychologist`s pupil and with the maestro`s well-aimed pencil what was hidden within the man himself."

So, let`s welcome so important Salon which will dress with flying colours the halls of the Museum of Good Humour.


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