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Over 800 people attended the second presentation in Guatemala of the book "Che Guevara, poesía completa" ("Che Guevara, complete poetry"), a collection made by the writer Marco Vinicio Mejías.

The theater of the Museum of the University of San Carlos was not big enough to accommodate the people who went to the launching of this new edition of the work that has all the poems written by the legendary Argentinean - Cuban fighter.

"Today we go into a new facet of Che: as a poet", declared in the ceremony the Cuban ambassador in Guatemala Omar Morales and declared that Ernesto Guevara was a man of action and thinking who transcend in history.

He remembered that Che was in Guatemala in 1953 and 1954 and shared the fights of this people and was a witness of the overthrowing of Jacobo Arbenz by an aggression organized by the USA that ended the dreams of creating a more just society.

Many of the poems were written during his second trip through Latin American that included Guatemala, Mexico and Bolivia.

"A los mineros de Bolivia", "Autorretrato oscuro", "Canto a Fidel", "España en América", "Una lágrima hacia ti" and "Invitación al Camino" are some of the titles in the text.

The author of the collection considers Ernesto Guevara as the precursor of the solidarity internationalism that has inspired the arrival of the Cuban doctors to the most remote places of Guatemala.

"Che Guevara is present in the good hands of the doctors who have saved thousands of lives in this country", said Mejias to Prensa Latina.

The work, edited by the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, will be presented in the near future in Havana.

The volume has 20 poems of Ernesto Guevara and an essay written by him about the Canto General of Neruda.

At the same time, the text has several pomes dedicated to Che by important writers, such as Nicolás Guillén, José Lezama Lima, Julio Cortazar, Mario Benedetti, José Saramago, Roque Dalton and Thomas Merton among many others.


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