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"The most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen". Those were the words of Cristobal Columbus as he strolled his ships 500 years ago along the north coast of Holguin, to initiate the conquest of America. Holguín offers a spectacular range of possibilities to meet with history, nature, beauty and enjoyment.

Understand the meaning of landscape as part of the historic event of the encounter of the two cultures and the reference made at the same time by the Admiral Columbus: "This is the most beautiful land human eyes have ever seen". Reference points as the nowadays called Mosque of Columbus, the Cerro Alto and the Cerro de los Portales, are emphasized.

The monument symbolizes the Encounter of two Cultures, the European part symbolized by ruins that represent the development of the neoclassical culture and the Aboriginal culture, formed by replicas of objects, made by them, found in excavations, that represent their culture and development.

The National Monument Park Bariay is located in the province of Holguín, in the east of Cuba, on the north coast, approximately 37 km away from the city. It limits to the North with the Atlantic Ocean, to the South with the municipality Rafael Freyre, to the East with the Bariay Bay and to the West with the Jururú Bay.

Among its natural values, the hills of Maniabón are emphasized, especially the geographical accidents of the calcareous hills, the smooth hill like formations and the underlying plain, spectacle that is scarcely repeated in Cuba and in the world; reinforced with the nearby view of the bay and the panoramic view of the extensive coconut plantations of Key Bariay, seen from the hill, natural window of this place.

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