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How new technologies contribute to forest development in the western part of the country.

A careful draft allows the organization and control of the wealth in the westernmost territory of the island.

We are not referring to the treasures that according to the legend might be hidden somewhere in that region, but to the valuable timber species that grow in their usual habitat and some others that now feel the territory like home, all of them controlled by the Guanahacabibes Forest Enterprise.

Engineer Luisa Vergara Noval, head of the Silviculture Department, shows us in a map the area that covers the entity inside the peninsula, in which today thanks to the FAO a detailed evaluation of the region is being carried out.

Timber species, forests, etcetera, are displayed in the screen through the Integrated System for the development and updating of Forest Heritage Management, SIFOMAP, which has become a valuable tool to the forestry work that is about to conclude.

According to the engineer all this work must be ready at the end of this month after designing the system and the cartography, which will make easy the attention to the three units: La FE and Cortes that include natural forests, and El Valle, completely natural.

Guanahacabibes boasts the condition of Biosphere Reserve listed by UNESCO since 1987, and covers more than 23 880 hectares, the peninsula also counts with a National Park that holds the largest natural reserve of the country.

The Forest Enterprise is in charge of most of the attention to sustainable development in the skin of the peninsula, which although has naturally regenerated after the hurricanes, should be protected from other harms.

The intention: To accomplish the task

To take care of the environment is to avoid hurting it, and that is not so easy for an enterprise with too many indicators. For that, the Forest Enterprise has a daily task to accomplish, because their forest heritage covers almost the whole municipality of Sandino.

The nurseries have already the seedlings to plant the 700 scheduled hectares of eucalyptus, acacia, pine, as well as other timbr species like jocuma, ebony and cedar. So far 500 hectares have been planted, and although that is off the schedule, the intention is to plant as much land as they can.

Pedro de Celis, legal counselor of the enterprise is a fond of the history of forestry in the region, so he talks about the past of neglection and poverty in the peninsula in contrast to the good development of noni, the rescue of cashew and guayabita del pinar.

"All the indicators of silviculture are accomplished". He talked about the good going of artificial and natural forests that include sea grape trees, a vegetation that protects the littoral.

He also talked about cashew plantations, plenty in the territory. "The first plantations date back from 1965 and the current have been used as firebreaks. We use the fruit to produce vinegar and wine as an offer to the workers.

The latest about seeds

At La Fe unit we got surprised about the state-of-the-art technology to produce seedlings, one of its kind in the country.

At their nursery are born the first little plants that will become trees in the peninsula. The seeds are placed in small plastic containers with peat or any other kind of special variant and are sistematically sprayed.

Once they germinate are covered to regulate the sunshine and when they reach the 12 centimeters the cover is retired for them to stengthen. Then, when the seedlings reach 15-20 centimeters are ready to be planted.

There we met Armando Dario Pimienta, head of the unit, Fernando Carmona, chief of production and Rolando Puerto, chief of the nursery, and all of them assured that the new technology reduces the number of activities, helps to strengthen the plant in a shorter period of time, and humanizes the work.

Victorius seedlings of eucalyptus and cedar are a sample of the above mentioned, and in addition there are also fruits tree to continue tattooing Guanahacabibess skin in green.

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