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Cubas Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB) along with other scientific institutions and hospitals are working on several projects for therapeutic vaccines aimed to improve the countrys health indicators.

The countrys latest efforts were presented Wednesday on the third day of the Havana International Biotechnology Congress 2007, taking place in the capital through Friday with specialists from 28 countries attending.

A vaccine against four strains of the dengue virus is one of several new vaccines in the clinical testing phase using animals. If successful, another long phase of testing on humans will take place.

Dr. Luis Herrera, general director of CIGB, said vaccines against Hepatitis C and prostate cancer are further along, both in phase one of clinical tests on patients, with promising results.

Another research project underway involves a vaccine against Hepatitis Type B, which will soon begin clinical testing.

Dr. Agustin Lara, director of the Center of Molecular Immunology, made a presentation on the current global trends of biotechnology during the Wednesday afternoon session of Havana International Biotechnology Congress 2007.

Source: By Orfilio Pelaez, Granma

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