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Call to The 29th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema by its President Alfredo Guevara
The upcoming 29th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema is very close. With Havana as its venue, the festival will be held, as every year during Decembers first fortnight from the 4th to the 14th.
This year is one of those marked by the history for remembrances and for that reason we are compelled to look towards the future. This year marks the 40th Anniversary of Viña del Mar Festival,Chile-1967, the anniversary of the founding Festival of the New Latin American Cinema Movement, and the jubilee of this 29th Festival.
Four decades, new generations of filmmakers, their messages and styles, the aesthetics that nurtures changes, visions, experience, and technologies that transform and release everything, drive us once again to remember the days when very young filmmakers met for the first time with their counterparts that had just arrived from different parts of the world, and yet they seemed so familiar.
That first encounter confirmed the existence of the New Latin American Cinema Movement and demonstrated its capacity for solidarity and fraternal union in its widest and enriching expressions. Cultures, languages, ethnic groups, mountains, seas, the so-called development levels, apparent abysses, infinite distances, nothing would succeed in separating us, because the almost tectonic emergence of a will to affirm identities, to break ties, and the need for liberation, for the abounding consolidation of ideologies, for a transforming and creative action united us.
And thus, after four decades, the New Cinema remains new, and thats because it constantly renovates itself and grants recognition, just like the languages and visions brought by brothers that make proposals and pose questions. In Viña del Mar 67, at a time when we had already recognised ourselves as part of that generation, we closed the Festival by declaring Che its Honorary President .
He had returned to the South Cone to be rooted as symbol of futures, futures that are coming forth painstakingly and slowly, but are in fact arriving. This first Call-Message of the 29th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema, to take place next December 4-14, is paying homage to Viña del Mar 67.


The Festivals program comprises the main Contest with its competing sections, as usual the General Information Program on the works in contest, a comprehensive panorama of the New Cinema and of Contemporaneous Cinema displayed in Showings and Homage Activities, Retrospectives, Posters Contest and Exhibitions, Plastic Art Exhibitions, Concerts, Dance Performances, Presentation of new books, a Contest of Unpublished Scripts and if feasible a workshop would be included aimed at the search of new ideas and scripts. In this respect the more abundant and appealing, the better.


Loyal to its self-renovating tradition, the 29th edition of the festival would count on Reflection Seminars-Workshops in the search for new questions and answers. However, as the non-existence of absolute answers is a known fact, to provoke concern is the main objective in these workshops.


The Festival abides by the following principle: to get acquainted and promote knowledge; to compare works, develop debates; to facilitate encounters, dialogues, meetings; to discover differences and learn from them, to benefit all from the astonishing amplitude of diversity. By deepening knowledge on our peoples in such a face to face manner we would be planting bridges of solidarity, and planting bridges seems a good motto for the International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema. And I hope that this same motto would pervade all forms of encounters and exchange between Latin American filmmakers and of the world too. Bridges and more bridges to be built up and crossed, is for the cinematographic movement, the main task and objective of the 29th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema.


* Alfredo Guevara, President of the 29th International Festival of the New Latin American Cinema and founder of the Cuban Cinematographic Arts and Industry Institute.


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