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The Revolution has already been planted in Latin America

Cuban President Fidel Castro said that the Revolution that inspired Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara has been planted in Latin America and that there are favourable conditions for it to break out.

In a 17-minute video run Sunday during the "Alo Presidente" TV show, broadcast from the central Cuban city of Santa Clara, Fidel Castro stressed that consciousness is the most important weapon for that revolutionary struggle.

The video reproduced a segment of a four-hour talk held Saturday in Havana between Hugo Chavez and the Cuban Revolution leader. Che Guevara was a planter of ideas, said Fidel Castro during the TV show, the second one that Hugo Chavez hosts from Cuba. Fidel said that the world is experiencing many Vietnams, as Che Guevara once stressed.

During the video, Fidel Castro recalled that shortly after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Venezuela was witnessing the appearance of revolutionary conditions and he said that at that moment he though that some day Venezuela, the homeland of Simon Bolivar, would play its role in this continent.

"That revolution is already here, you are here Fidel, we have this revolution in Bolivia, in Ecuador as well," replied the Venezuelan President, who described Fidel Castro as the father of all revolutionaries in this continent.

"You will never die, you will always be with us in Latin America" said Hugo Chavez and presented Fidel with a copy of a painting he made while in prison back in 1992, which depicts the scene he could see from his prison cell.

Following the running of the video, President Fidel Castro made a call to the TV show hosted by Hugo Chavez and both leaders shared a long conversation during the program dedicated to Cuban Argentinean guerrilla fighter Ernesto Che Guevara.

Source: Trabajadores

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