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Chavez and Castro meets in Havana an handles four hours of talks
Cuba's leader Fidel Castro, whose prolonged absence from his post had raised speculations about his failing heath, had talks - lasting for more than four hours - with Hugo Chavez, his Venezuelan counterpart.

The two leaders talked on world problems and bilateral relations, focusing "on the history of our two peoples, the solid and growing relations between Cuba and Venezuela, the situation in Latin America and the serious problems faced by humanity," Cuba's state television reported during a Saturday evening newscast.

No photographs or video of the two leaders' meeting was released, BBC News reported.

Castro, Cuba's communist leader, underwent emergency intestinal surgery in July 2006. He has not attended any public events since then.

Castro appeared on Cuban TV in September, a public appearance that ended rumors he had died or suffered a major relapse, BBC News reported.

The two men, who have met regularly since Castro fell ill last year, discussed world problems and bilateral relations, the reports said
Chavez visited Havana for his weekly TV and radio show. He also intends to see Castro's elderly brother and designated successor Raul, who took over the communist leader's post on July 31 last year.

Chavez's visit to Cuba coincides with the 40th death anniversary of the legendary revolutionary global icon Ernesto Che Guevara.

Source: By Einor Mendoza, AHN

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