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  Operation Miracle returns sight to 14,000 guatemalans

More than 14,000 low-income Guatemalans have received eye surgeries at one of two new modern ophthalmology centers in Guatemala, equipped and staffed by Cuba.

The Jose Joaquin Palma and Jose Marti Hospitals each have two operating rooms, where a wide range of different corrective eye surgeries are performed. The hospitals are located in areas with predominantly indigenous populations. Up to 130 surgeries are performed each day "completely free of charge" thanks to the quality of the Cuban health care personnel, reported Prensa Latina.

"We are thankful for this aid from the Cuban Government; we are poor and don't have the resources to seek private medical attention," said Tomasa Dias Delgado, who lives in Jacaltenango

Cuban specialists are currently working on another similar facility in the western department of San Marcos, to expand coverage of the Operation Miracle program in Guatemala.



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