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At 20 years of its inauguration, Hospital "Abel Santamaría", shows more lights than shadows, despite all the shortages during all these years due to the special period.

Among all the facts achieved lately, outstand a new Cardiology ward, the restoration of several specialties and an intensive care ward.

When Fidel inaugurated the hospital it just counted on 647 beds, today it has 876. Furthermore, all the medical specialties give assistance, because since 2001a block dedicated to maternity is available.

Also, an ophthalmological center was opened last year with state- of -the- art technology; and so far this year, a modern magnetic resonance equipment has been installed.

In that restoration process, as part of the Battle of Ideas, is scheduled the restoration of some surgery wards and a kitchen. To an institution like this, is very important the increase of the scientific level, that is why its professionals participate in 10 national research projects, over 60 doctors are specialists and many of them apply for a category as doctors in Medical Sciences.

There are still some problems in this center concerning workers, patients and visitors, so it is necessary to be conscious of the expenses destined to this work that cost over 23 millions of pesos and in 20 years more millions have been used in repairs and replacements because some people have not take care of it properly.
Source: Edmundo Alemany Gutierrez, Guerrillero


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