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Every inhabitant in Camagüey to plant a tree
Millions of trees are cut every year, but the senseless idea of producing ethanol as fuel threatens thousands of forest hectares. That means Nature balance is dangerously and definitely put to a test.

The consequences of losing the worlds green umbrella are no longer a forecast for the future; global heating is a real confirmation, among other things, of the progressive weakness of the forests worldwide.

Therefore, to avoid such a catastrophe, the UN is hosting an international campaign Let's plant a tree for the planet, to achieve planting a billion trees this year.

Cuba, a country that has showed great concern about this matter during the last 45 years, intends to plant 139 million trees, which is the reason why institutions and commissions of all levels, educational and productive centers as well as the general population have been invited to collaborate with such a healthy purpose.

Camagüey is one of the Cuban provinces that has suffered the most due to the intensive cultivation of its land and cattle raising activities, so, its former plan of 6 344 400 trees turned into 7 037 500.

The task is an important commitment in which fraud and sloppiness are not possible. Every tree reported must be certified by the State Forest Service as real plants and should receive an adequate care until they grow properly.

Its a good time for us to plant a fruit, wood and decorative plant for there is enough humidity until October, the time of the year in which mango trees are ready to plant.

Trees contribute to provoke rain, reduce erosion and prevent excess of salt in the soil. They provide animal and other plants shelters, decrease wind speed and air pollution and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen.

According to some studies, a hectare with healthy trees provides enough oxygen for forty city inhabitants. Those are only some of the contributions of these marvelous Nature components.

Nowadays, deserts cover a fifth part of the planet due to the continue soil degradation, not to mention polar zones, that can be considered as frozen deserts.

If we do not involve ourselves in tree planting, world scenery will continue degrading; oceans will suffer the rise of global heating, which traduces in the increase of powerful hurricanes and subsequently extra danger for our country.

A tree planted for every Camagüey inhabitant will turn into a great help to avoid the collapsing of our beloved Earth.

Source: By María Socarrás, Adelante

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