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 Che Guevara: an ever-lasting symbol

In defining the impact of Che Guevaras life, Fidel said: "Che became a symbol for the whole world, an exemplary, revolutionary and heroic man".(1)

Speaking about his personal opinion on the meeting with Fidel on the Granma Yacht expedition, Ernesto Che Guevara explained that apart from the mutual sympathy that automatically appeared he got the impression that " it was worth dying at any foreign beach for such a great ideal".

It all happened in 1955, the young Argentinean doctor had come to Mexico from Guatemala, where according to Raúl Roa " he had first tried his revolutionary and anti-imperialist weapons unsuccessfully and that incomplete fight obsessed him". However the meeting with Fidel "that occurred in one of those Mexican cold nights came to define his fate and future involvement with the Granma Yacht expedition.

In Cuba and already turned into a guerrilla fighter, Che faced bravely hard times following the Granma landing operation. His participation in the then emerging Rebel Army was decisive to raise the moral of his troop. " He was not only a distinguished fighter but also a distinguished doctor". It was impossible to convince him not to remain in the frontline.

Amidst the many actions he headed the crushing campaign in Las Villas that ended up in the taking of the city of Santa Clara stood out. He was indeed " an artist of the revolutionary war".

At forty years of his killing in battle occurred in Bolivia on the fatal October 8, 1967, his executioners and foes learned his death did not at all lay a veil of oblivion over his legacy.

His power and authority to call on the masses and consciousness was predicted even before his death. It can be seen in the trace and meaning that his effort has over all of the revolutionary and anti-imperialist people of the world. (2)

To destroy his image and thought and virtues go hand-in-hand with the imperialist forces.

The idea has been all the time to reverse and distort the true image of Che Guevara as a human being. Instead they seek to sell the picture of a hardened and violent adventurer, visibly and openly rejected everywhere in the world nowadays.

Source: By Georgina Hernandez, CubaSi

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