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 Ozone for life in eastern Las Tunas province
More than 6,700 patients have received ozone therapy treatment in the Las Tunas Provincial Center for Retinitis Pigmentaria.

The application in the eastern province of 135,000 therapeutic sessions to more than 6,700 patients, since 1993, indicates how specialists from all over the country use the curative properties of ozone gas on diverse diseases and anomalies detrimental to human health.

According to the explanation Dr. Rosa Maria Perez Guerrero, director of the Provincial Center for Retinitis Pigmentaria, the equipment which Las Tunas has been using was donated 14 years ago by the eminent doctor and Cuban scientist Orfilio Peláez, in the context of the aid offered to impel the national program against that disease which affects the vision.

Located in the fore mentioned Center, that technique has been vital for the application of ozone therapy to a high number of patients with ophthalmologic problems (during the first years) and to extend its use, later, to certain dermatological, neurological, or algological cases and others, in which the effectiveness of that innocuous treatment has been verified, of which no adverse reactions nor secondary effects have been reported.

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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