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A cuban family of blood donors
The history of donating blood in the Albolae family dates back more than three decades when Santiago overcame the fear of giving for the first time. Later came others... until one day his wife Carmen did the same.

In wasnt for long that the example of the parents rubbed off on the rest of the family. The blood donors now include their first child, Jose Santiago, and cousin Esteban and his wife Yansui.

For the Albolae family it is almost a routine to go to the local blood bank or a mobile unit when the call is made. Sometimes they go together or in pairs or trios. Rarely do they go alone.

A donor can give four times a year and together the family has provided blood around 150 times. Santiago is the leader with nearly a third of that total.

The youngest donor is Yansui, well aware of the importance of her gift. As a nurse she has seen many lives saved by such human solidarity. On behalf of the family, she said their motivation to extend their arms and donate blood is to help others.

But its not just the personal satisfaction. The community also appreciates such attitudes. Thats why very few residents of the San Lazaro barrio failed to show up when the local CDR neighborhood defense committees called a meeting to present the Albolae family with a certificate as outstanding blood donors.

Source: By Armando Sáez Chávez, Granma

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