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El Nicho, a paradise for vacationers
El Nicho, a beautiful place with waterfalls located in the Escambray mountains, some 50 kilometres from the southern port of Cienfuegos, Cuba, has become a site that is a great attraction for vacationers during this summer, as well as for those residing in the near town of Cumanayagua and for people of nearby villages.

There you can find the countrys most outstanding waterfalls, nearly 15 meters high. El Salto, 300 kilometres from Havana, bathes its surroundings with a thin mist.

Large numbers of teenagers who travel to the place enjoy plunging into the water from the shores hills. They enjoy the speed of the stream and the practice of trekking through mountains roads, which has caves.

Rustic bridges made of wood allow the path over the tortuous current. Meanwhile people walk over them, and bathers can admire the exclusive birds fauna and flora characterized by its endemism: parrots and parakeets live in the surroundings, nesting on West Indian cherries, royal palms and the leafy algarrobos.

The butterfly or amber cane, the national flower, grows spontaneously and fills the place with its fragrance. Chollas stick to the rivers bank to show the visitor its varied colours.

Yoandry, Gilbert, Emmanuel and Zadys, four high school students, arrived to El Nicho from Cienfuegos with a tent. They erected it and for a week have shared the space with a group of kids from Cumanayagua, who also are staying in a tent there. Other youngsters from Cienfuegos stayed nearby with three cousins from Santa Clara, Villa Clara province, a neighboring province.

The arrival of some truck or other vehicles full of persons contributes with the increase of visitors. Many bring their own supplies and others prefer to buy their food there in a comfortable cafeteria managed by Palmares Corporation.

Many foreigners prefer the exciting travel in the hills and return once more to El Nicho. The high season is over, but not for French, Spanish, German or Italians who continue to go there.

Zadys, an eleventh grader, says she prefers this place instead of the beach. "Here, one may find more fresh air and the sun is not so harsh, since the tree shadows decreases the heat a lot. Furthermore, I like to feel nature near me."

For Emmanuel to be at El Nicho represents a great event. "I like plunging and slipping down the stones over the water. This is a very comfortable place, close to nature. I think I would be weeks here without being bored," he said

Source: By Reinaldo Rodríguez, Trabajadores

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