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Cuban achievements in mental health praised
Dr. Henrik Wahlberc, President of the Scandinavian Psychiatry Society, praised on Wednesday the attention given to patients with mental disorders in < and called it 'an example for the rest of the world.

Wahlberc, who is attending the 4th 'Psicohabana' 2007 International Conference that runs until Friday at the Psychiatric Hospital of Havana, praised the creativity of Cuban specialists and their system in which patients are inserted into social rehabilitation programs that develop their self-esteem.

The expert, who is also the head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Stockholm, highly commended the worker-patient relationship, which is vital for the rehabilitation of the patients, he said.

Wahlberc equally praised the efforts and the priority given by the Cuban government to these patients and expressed his interest in building cooperation bridges between Cuba and the Scandinavian nations in the field of psychiatry due to the notable development achieved by the island's specialists in this area.

On Wednesday, during the scientific sessions of the event, the President of the Cuban sychiatry Society and of the National Medical Ethics Commission, Ricardo Gonzalez, gave a conference on humanism and health management in which stressed the importance of strengthening and improving inter-personal relations among members of the institutional team.

Psicohabana 2007 gathers together representatives from some 15 countries and it includes the 15th edition of the Sports Festival and the Carnival celebration in which more than 2,000 patients from 33 Cuban mental health institutions participate.

Source: Trabajadores

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