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Historic renovation: A new tendency in Cuban Tourism
The inauguration of the historic Encanto Blue Palace Hotel, in the southern coastal town of Cienfuegos in Cuba, marked the starting point for the introduction of similar facilities across the island.

Cuban Minister of Tourism Manuel Marrero Cruz noted that an unsatisfied demand exists for historical-cultural tourism, which makes possible the undertaking of similar projects by the publicly-run Habaguanex development company.

"This was how the idea emerged for the re-development of the Encanto Blue Palace Hotel, which we see as part of a strategy for the recovery and restoration of facilities with patrimonial values in the main historical squares of Cuba. We seek to transform them into hotels, and distinguish them with personalized services and excellence," the minister highlighted.

Marrero Cruz specified that 50 properties of this type have been selected around the country, upon which work has already began on ten - which are in different stages of construction.

"Each of these buildings is like a page out of the past. They are full of history; their imposing architecture overwhelms you with their different tendencies and styles that have been generalized over the past two centuries," he pointed out.

"These hotels are charming, exquisite, exotic, exuberant, and exceptional - among other epithets. They mark the beginning of a new tendency in Cuban tourism that moves away from "sun and surf" to open up the most authentic aspects of our cultural identity," he added.

The Blue Palace is an emblematic installation of eclectic style, built between 1920 and 1921, and designed by an important Italian architect as a residence for the local elite, though later used as offices for several enterprises and community organizations.

After the meticulous restoration "which respected the buildings original architectural values" it was possible to rescue the beautiful jewel that this hotel was once considered. Its quarters will now be endowed with the services and facilities demanded by its guests.

Source: By Julio Martínez Molina, Juventud Rebelde

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