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President Fidel Castro sends his Venezuelan counterpart a letter urging him to continue fighting Imperialism

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez read on Monday a letter sent to him from his Cuban counterpart Fidel Castro who urged the South American leader to continue his struggle against imperialism.

Fidel also sent the Venezuelan leader some recently edited books on his reflections on capitalism.

Chavez read the letter during his Sunday Alo Presidente program aired on radio and television during the inauguration of a corn factory which was constructed through an agreement with Iran.

The Venezuelan leader thanked Fidel for his letter and stressed that "this letter motivates, drives and strengthens".

During the live program, broadcasted from the Venezuelan state of Yaracuy, Chavez highlighted the good mood of the Cuban President.

"Dear Hugo: I understand on the fervor of your battle of ideas, especially your rejection against hypocrisy and the lies of the sustained consumerism model imposed by imperialism", write Fidel in the letter.

He continued, "I am dedicating myself to that now in my veteran years: fight in order for humanity not to be deprived to the right of existence".

Fidel Castro told President Chavez: "Do not be frightened over the one grey hair that you discovered: my problem is that I do not have one single black hair in my white head. When that time comes you will discover that you will lack more than ever the time to meditate".

Source: Radio Habana Cuba

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