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Cuban circus artists with famous Brazilian Troupe
The five member Cuban circus group know as Ximan will join the world famous Tihany Circus of Brazil for a series of performances, announced the quintets director Juan Esteban Mendez.

The Tihany Circus, founded a half century ago by Hungarian Franz Czeisler, is one of the worlds leading companies.

Mendez told Prensa Latina that the presentations will begin at the end of the year in Mexico City and extend for six months to a year.

Mendez added that the Cuban circus group, made up of young artists from the province of Matanzas, is accustomed to challenges, and accordingly selected the difficult Russian Bar act for the show, virtually unprecedented in Cuba.

The Russian Bar or Russian Barre circus act combines the gymnastic skills of the balance beam, the rebound tempo skills of trampoline and the swing handstands skills of the uneven bars and the parallel bars. The barre itself is a flexible vaulting pole around 4 meters long, typically made of fiberglass.

"We like it because of its spectacular acrobatic complexity. To perform in Mexico with experts from 23 countries will help us technically," noted Mendez.

The Ximan group began two years ago and was a big success in the CIRCUBA 2007 contest where it won one of the main prizes.

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